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About Hostel Osaka Yamamoto-Ya

Great Location

We are located near JR Higashiyodogawa (東淀川) Station ( 4 minutes' walking distance ) and We are located near Subway Higashimikuni(東三国) Station ( 5 minutes' walking distance)Which is close to New Osaka (新大阪) station .From New Osaka(新大阪) station, you may conveniently transfer Shinkansen (新幹線) JR or Subway.

Convenient location

There are three supermarkets and several 24-hours convenience stores nearby.. There are also -style hot-spring bath facilities around for you to relax.

No problem of communication

Hostel Osaka yamamoto-ya : speak English, Chinese, and .

TEL:81- 090-361-53906

Email :

Address : Osaka Yodokawa-ku Higashimikuni 2-7-16


1. Japan country code : 81, Osaka code : 6.

2. Be sure to include the local international code in front.

Service of Osaka Hostel Yamamoto-Ya Accommodation

Is the deposit we hold the guarantee of your reservation?

Yes, Yamamoto-Ya need the deposit to ensure your reservation since we accept the oversea booking and arrange the rooms 2 months ahead according to guests’ booking sequence. Therefore please cancel your booking in advance if you change your plan. However we are sorry the deposit could not be return back, but it will give you an Extension of 6 months upon your receipt.

How shall we pay the rest of room fee except deposit money?

Deposit money is about 25% to 50% of totals of room fee. The rest is paid in cash at Yamamoto-Ya. Hostel.

Are there laundering equipments if the guest doesn't want to prepare too many clothes? Does the guest need to prepare the towel and tooth brush by themselves except for the shower lotion and shampoo?

The charge for self helping laundering service is ¥150-200/time. Also the clothes poles are enclosed in the balcony. Please prepare the towel and tooth brush by yourself under the consideration of hygiene.

Is there a luggage keeping service and room access limit?

We offer free luggage keeping for your early arrival or after check-out to make your tour more enjoyable. Also there is no access limit and each guest will have the room key to where he/her lives. Also kindly please pay attention to your voice and conduct in the purpose of sharing the quality accommodation. We sincerely wish each of you will have the nice memory.

Can we get Internet service there?

For your convenience, we have wireless and cable internet access in free of charge. ( Please bring your own PC)

Can we use Mandarin English at Hostel Osaka YamamotoYa?

Yes of course. any of them.

Is there a public bath close to Hostel Osaka YamamotoYa?

Yes There are two public bathes in 3minutes walk admission fee ¥410 –one person.

By touring around the YamamotoYa, Is it convenient to buy local special goods as the gifts

Within the reach of your walk, there are many super market (LIFE , SP, Smile ,etc.)and many 24hour Store. with low price and good quality Moreover, the local special goods in 新大阪 Station are perfectly designed for those who want to buy gifts?

Do you have special rate for children?

No, we do not have a kid's price, but free of charge under the condition below ( Kids must be under 3years old and if you agree to share the bed with your kids.)